The team behind Höga Kusten SwimRun is Mikael and Helena Lindnord at HC Adventure.

Mikael and Helena have an extensive knowledge of event management. With a long CV as race directors starting in 2001 they have organized different event from World Championship in Adventure Racing to kids TV shows for Swedish public TV with great success.

Some Highlights:

  • At 2001-2003 they organized the first big adventure race along the beautiful and rugged terrain around the Swedish coast known as the High Coast, High Coast 600.
  • 2006-2009 they organized The Swedish National Championship for Adventure Racing taking place at different locations thru out Sweden.
  • 2006 World Championship in Adventure Racing. Hemavan/Norway. This World Championship is still today ranked as one of the most beautiful and best-organized races ever held.
  • 2004-10 Organizers and directors of a number of races recognized as Explore Sweden. Among this, the first air born race, taking athletes along the racecourse by airplane, visiting different regions, nature and city’s in Sweden by plan. Also, making the first ever coast to coast race between Å on Lofoten, Norway to Piteå, Sweden.


Design: Ulf Niederbach | Production: Magnus Stenman 2018 | Photo: Peder Sundström, Magnus Stenman, Göran Digné, Leif Wikberg