The course runs through hilly and rugged trails in the Heart of High Coast Area with some stunning beautiful sights on many places around the course. Some fast gravel roads and a visit to Sweden's highest Island Mjältön will be mixed up by swimming in the High Coast Archipelago and fresh water lakes.

At Energy Zones you'll find: water, bars, bananas, sport drinks, cinnamon buns and Red Bull.

At the finish you'll find: showers, toilets, food and drinks.

The total distance of the Extreme course is 40970 meters of which 5780 meters are swimming and 35190 meters are running.

The start will be at Entré Nord in the High Coast Area and finish at Friluftsbyn in Skule.


The Experience course is 23560 meters, of which 2450 meters are swimming and 21110 meters are running.

The start will be at the Island Mjältön and finishes at Friluftsbyn in Skule. (the racers will be transported with boat to the start)


The Family & Friends Course will be 3 km. The start and finish will be at Friluftsbyn in Skule. The course will take the racers in and around Gällstasjön. Map over the course will be published at a later time.


Extreme Course / Experience Course

Design: Ulf Niederbach | Production: Magnus Stenman 2018 | Photo: Peder Sundström, Magnus Stenman, Göran Digné, Leif Wikberg