The total distance of the Original course is 36770 meters of which 7120 meters are swimming and 29650 meters are running.
It starts and finish at Gullviks Havsbad in Örnsköldsvik.

The Light course is 15000 meters, of which 3190 meters are swimming and 11810 meters are running.
It starts at Gullviks Havsbad and finishes at Trysunda island.

The course runs through hilly and rugged islands, historical fisherman villages, lingers by beautiful sights on single trails, fast gravel roads and mixes up by swimming in the Baltic Sea and fresh water lakes.

At Energy Zones you’ll find:
Water, Bananas, Sport Drik, Gels, Cinnamon buns and Red Bull.

At the finish you’ll find:
Showers, toilets, food, sleep, drinks, entertainment and exhibitors.

Original Course


Light Course


Both Courses













Design: Ulf Niederbach | Production: Magnus Stenman 2017 | Photo: Peder Sundström, Magnus Stenman, Göran Digné, Leif Wikberg