About the race

High Coast SwimRun is a unique race in a truly unique environment. Teams of two race together from island to island (ÖtillÖ). The teams swim between the islands and run on them.

New for 2017 is two different courses: The Original and LIGHT.


The Originaland ranking grounding for the Swimrun world ranking has a total distance of 36.7 km, of which 7.1 km is swimming and 29.6 km is running.

The course starts at Gullviks Havsbad in Örnsköldsvik and finishes at the same place. Most of the course goes through the woods on the hilly islands but also lingers on beautiful trails and gravel roads. Some islands and most of the trails are very technically demanding. The swim sections are between 100 and 1770 meters long. A rope section is mandatory on Balesudden, ropes will be supplied as hand holds from the race organization at one steeper sections of the course (when coming up from the water at Balesudden).

Participants need a good technique to be quick in and out of the water as there are as many as 30 ins and outs. A total of 15 swim sections.


Höga Kusten Swimrun LIGHT has a total distance of 15km, of which 3,1km is swimming and 11,9km is running. The longest swim is 700 meters.

After the registration and safety briefing in Gullvik, the participants leave the after race bags at the pier in Gullvik (11AM)

The Light catagorie will finish on Trysunda Island. At the finish you will get some recovery drinks, your after race bag, take a shower and a sauna. There is a small restaurant on the island, but don´t eat to much because The Red Lion Pop up Restaurant are waiting in Gullvik.

A boat transport will take all the LIGHT participants back to Gullvik at 17.15.

The course is divided into 9 swims and 9 runs, the longest swim is 700 meters. The Light Course goes backwards on the Original course and the participants will meet half way.

There are safety boats, medical staff and functionaries along the course to make the race as safe as possible.



The first team(s) that goes under 5 hours on the Original Course will get 100.000 SEK to share.

This means that if only one team makes it, they get everything. If there are more teams that conquer the course under 5 hours they share equal.

The team(s) must of course complete the full course without breaking any rules.

The time counts on the last team member over the finish line.



July 15th 2017



Registration opens at Gullvik/Örnsköldsvik



Mandatory Race Briefing

11.00   Light participants leaves the finishbag at the pier for transport to Trysunda.



START. Gullvik
15 .00  

Estimated finish for LIGHT



Estimated finish for Höga Kusten Swimrun ORIGINAL

17:15   Boat transport for Light participants from Trysunda to Gullvik.
20.00   Prize cermoniy for both Light and Original

17:00 – 00:00


Relax at the Red Lion Pop-up restaurant





Design: Ulf Niederbach | Production: Magnus Stenman 2017 | Photo: Peder Sundström, Magnus Stenman, Göran Digné, Leif Wikberg